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The Customs of Christmas 2011

North American

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Short and to the point, The Customs of Christmas is an easy to sell series that can generate extra revenue for your station over the holidays. Twenty eight interesting program elements that will captivate your listeners AND YOUR ADVERTIZERS.
The series is delivered in two versions. Series A is set up with a short tease (:15) followed by a break for your sponser, then the episode (1:10). Series B contains the episodes only timing out at :55 with a ten second music out for a sponser tag. The package sells for a $50.00 buyout price and includes shipping which means you are paying less than $2.00 per episode. Please take just a minute to listen to the attached demo.

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RAD Productions


1. The real 12 days of Christmas 15. The Christmas Tree
2. Advent 16. The Christmas Wreath
3. Advent Calendars 17. Decorating the Tree
4. The Candy Cane 18. The Nut Cracker
5. Christmas Carols 19. A Charlie Brown Christmas
6. Christmas Cards 20. Santa
7. The Yule Log 21. Reindeer
8. Wrapping Paper 22. At the Christmas Movies
9. Mistletoe 23. Why December 25 ??
10. T’was the Night Before Christmas 24. The National Christmas Tree
11. Eggnog 25. The Legend of the Poinsettia
12. The Christmas Pickle 26. Christmas Eve
13. Christmas Stockings 27. Wassailing and Mumming
14. The Real St. Nicholas 28. Red, Green and Gold

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