Are you a natural teacher? Can you convey excitement for learning, and engage audiences with your keen vocal skills? With educational voice over jobs, you can become the voice for private and public organizations alike. Become the voice of a university recruitment campaign, contribute to keeping workers safe by voicing HR training materials, help corporations train their employees in the latest programs, and more. Sign up and start auditioning for educational voice over jobs today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, educational voice over work is part of the elearning industry. The elearning industry encompasses everything from independent courses that may be offered through educational institutions or even online modules that can be used for internal training purposes.

While it varies from project to project, many clients producing educational videos are looking for a voice that sounds like a peer, a voice that sounds natural, and a voice that creates a connection. 

Educational voice over can be used in learning courses for small and medium business, larger enterprises, or for educational institutions. These can take the form of explainer videos,  educational games, online modules, and more. 

Including both visuals and narration when creating training content helps set up all learners for success. And providing a human voice over in training content is shown to increase learner retention. 

Training and elearning content is one of the fastest growing sectors of voice work. The international e-learning market is set to be valued at around $USD 275 billion by 2022.