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Voices is Your Source for Podcasting Jobs

The emergence of podcasting shifted how the world consumes audio content. Creators of these popular on-the-go shows and their advertisers know that the right voice over is crucial to engaging listeners, whether they need a podcast intro voice, a podcast host, or the perfect voice for their podcast ad. Take part in the exciting world of podcast voice over jobs today. Sign up for your account in seconds and start auditioning right away!

With over 100 million monthly listeners in America alone, podcasts are a wide-reaching medium with plenty of opportunities for voice actors. Landing a podcast hosting job provides predictable income while growing your voice over portfolio. Voicing a podcast ad allows your vocal performance to be heard across many podcasts and by many audiences.

Who is Hiring Podcast Narrators?

Hosting your own podcast is a fantastic marketing tool for businesses, but not all companies have an in-house spokesperson who can act as a podcast host. When that happens, companies often turn to professional voice actors to become the host of their branded podcast. Typically a podcast host would be hired to complete at least one season of a podcast, which can include anywhere from 10-20 episodes.

Brands across industries are also increasingly using podcast advertisements as part of their marketing strategies. Fully produced podcast ads are served to the listeners of a podcast within an episode and can be placed pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll. They are often a mix of voice over, music, and sound effects.

Types of Podcasts that Require Narrators

There are several different types of podcasts that may require narrators, but the most popular kind includes narrative nonfiction storytelling. Podcasts in this style include true stories and interviews, with narration providing context to the stories. When responding to a job posting to be a host for a narrative nonfiction podcast, a conversational approach is usually best. Hosting a podcast like this requires an authentic connection to the listeners, meaning that your voice over delivery should be relatable and not overly performed.

Another type of podcast that has opportunities for voice actors are podcasts that consist of interviews or discussions between multiple guests. In these types of podcast jobs, the podcast host really acts as the interviewer, and the script provided would have loose talking points rather than content that needs to be read verbatim.

The final, and arguably the most fun, podcast format for voice actors is a narrative fiction podcast. These are scripted shows that tell a longer story over the course of a season, and the voice over jobs required for these podcasts are often character roles. Producers of these types of podcasts often cast for multiple roles, providing voice actors with the opportunity to work collaboratively.

Why Turn to Voices for Your Podcasting Jobs

Podcasting voice over jobs on Voices offer exciting opportunities to build your portfolio, connect and build relationships with clients, and continue to build your voice acting skills.

Take part in the exciting world of podcast voice over jobs today. Sign up for your account in seconds and start responding to jobs right away!


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Frequently Asked Questions

To create a podcast voice over demo, you can write your own script or use something that you have previously worked on. Most podcasts are meant to sound natural and off the cuff, so use an authentic voice in your demo. 

Yes, podcasts advertisements are hugely popular and represent a multi-million dollar industry. You can find podcasts advertisements pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll. 

The four main types of podcasts are nonfiction narrative storytelling, hybrid podcasts, interview/panel discussions, and repurposed content.