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Voices Is Your Source for Radio Voice Over Jobs

Think radio is dead? Think again. A 2020 Neilsen survey revealed that radio reaches 92% of U.S. adult listeners per week—more than any other platform. This means the demand for strong, satisfying radio voices remains as high as ever.

DJs and hosts represent just a portion of those voices. Radio ad campaigns are a cornerstone of many marketing strategies, and these campaigns are constantly searching for the perfect signature voice for their brand. This is where Voices comes in.

Whatever your talent—whether you have a rich announcer voice or you can deliver an approachable, conversational read—we match creative teams with freelance voice actors for projects of all sizes. Find your next job and get started today by signing up for a free Voices account.

What Does Radio Voice Acting Entail?

The world of radio voice acting offers an exciting range of opportunities. Traditionally, voice actors have lent their talents to advertisements on traditional radio stations. However, the advent of podcasts and streaming platforms has created a need for voice talent in this arena as well.

Regardless of where you’re being heard, radio voice acting is quite different from performing for TV ads. Since the audio is all you have to deliver the message, it requires a lot more energy. Radio ads also require you to read quickly, have a persuasive voice, and employ the right tone to catch and hold the attention of the listener.

For many customers, you’re the first human point of contact with a brand. The 30 to 60 seconds they’re listening to you are critical to making the right impression.

What Skills Are Required for Radio Voice Over Jobs?

Impressing clients is about more than just having a natural talent for voice work. You should also possess the many skills required for radio voice over actors. The good news is that you can learn most of these as you go. Some of them include:

  • Acting abilities. Radio advertising requires strong acting skills and the ability to employ dramatic techniques, which a voice acting coach can help you develop. It’s also a good idea to try acting in a recording booth, which will show you how different voice work is from acting, as the audience cannot see you.
  • Technical skills. Voice actors must be comfortable using the latest technology, like microphones, headphones, and audio interfaces. You should also know how to work with digital audio files and record, mix, and master your audio. Even if your voice skills are fantastic, not having basic audio engineering skills may hold you back.
  • Business know-how. Knowing how to run your business is less fun than doing actual voice work, but it’s just as critical. As an entrepreneur, you are the sales, marketing, and customer service departments in one. You have to make sure prospective clients know about you, and a strong online presence is a must. Signing up for Voices is an excellent way to get started.

Perhaps the most critical skill to have as a radio voice over talent is perseverance. Working as a voice actor requires dedication to the craft and the desire to improve.

How Voices Can Help Your Freelance Career

Breaking into the radio voice over world can be intimidating, but turning to Voices is a smart way to boost your career. Our platform can help you:

  • Safely unlock new income opportunities and diversify income streams
  • Develop your brand and portfolio
  • Network with new clients
  • Establish a reputation for high-caliber creative work

Jumpstart Your Radio Voice Over Career with Voices

Are you ready to land the radio voice over gig of your dreams? All it takes is a few minutes to set up your Voices account. Your next opportunity may be closer than you think!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your commercial demo should contain a variety of styles of delivery, such as conversational (chatting with a friend), hard sell (car commercials), and soft sell (e-commerce). 

Radio advertisements are typically 30 to 60 seconds long. This length is enough time for brands to tell a story, create a connection with their listeners, and to include a call to action. 

The fee for radio advertising jobs depends on usage, the market it will air in, and the duration the advertisement will air for. A local radio advertisement job could pay $250 to 499 if it only airs for 13 weeks, while a national radio spot that runs for a year can range anywhere from $1,000 to $1,249.