Not only is radio is alive and well, advertisers are always on the hunt for the perfect, signature voice for their radio ad campaigns. Whether you have the voice of an announcer, or can provide an approachable, conversational read, there is demand for your voice in the diverse world of radio voice over jobs. Signing up for your Voices account is easy. You could be auditioning for radio voice over jobs in just minutes!

Many voice artists find that the majority of their work involves recording commercials for television and radio. This makes sense; despite recent advances in technology, TV and radio spots continue to be in high demand among advertisers. Add that to the growing popularity of commercials on YouTube and in podcasts, and you have plenty of options from which commercial producers can choose — plus plenty of work available for professionals displaying a talent for commercial voice work.

The main job of the commercial voice-over professional is to promote a particular product or service. This promotion may involve narration or voice acting, depending on the type of commercial the voice-over artist is recording. These commercials may be broadcast on the radio, on television, in podcasts, over the Internet or, more recently, through smartphone applications. Additionally, commercial voice-over jobs are applicable to nearly any industry. They are most popular among businesses based in industries such as retail, hospitality and entertainment, but are often found in other sectors as well.

Given the sheer range of applications for commercial voice-overs, it is an absolute necessity for voice artists to possess great versatility. They may be asked to perform humorous sketches or speak in an authoritative tone. Either way, such jobs must be undertaken in both a professional and creative manner.

The demographics of the ideal commercial voice-over artist are going to vary greatly depending on the industry and the type of commercial being recorded. For narration, a deeper voice in the Standard English dialect is preferred. Otherwise, choose an accent, gender or age group based on your commercial’s specific needs. With so many talented voice artists available at Voices, you’ll find it easy to get the perfect voice on board for your commercial project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your commercial demo should contain a variety of styles of delivery, such as conversational (chatting with a friend), hard sell (car commercials), and soft sell (e-commerce). 

Radio advertisements are typically 30 to 60 seconds long. This length is enough time for brands to tell a story, create a connection with their listeners, and to include a call to action. 

The fee for radio advertising jobs depends on usage, the market it will air in, and the duration the advertisement will air for. A local radio advertisement job could pay $250 to 499 if it only airs for 13 weeks, while a national radio spot that runs for a year can range anywhere from $1,000 to $1,249.