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Access Professional Creative Talent

Post your job for free and our system will invite the best-suited talent to respond.

Tap into our creative services marketplace of over 2,000,000 talent
Hire with confidence and receive responses with quotes that fit your budget
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Collaborate With Your Team

Review responses and share them with members of your team.

Create and share a shortlist of the best responses with your team
Easily save favorite talent to invite to future projects
An online chat between a client and Voices talent.

Communicate Privately and Securely

Private messaging allows for seamless communication with talent.

Discuss project details and provide additional direction to talent
Receive notifications of milestones that keep your project moving
Voices talent that a client has worked with. One talent has a “Release Funds” button beside their information.

Hire and Pay Securely

Release your funds only when final files are delivered by talent.

Voices’ exclusive SurePay™ service keeps payment secure and protected
Securely download files with the click of a button

Frequently Asked Questions

Voices connects buyers of voice over, audio production, music, and translation services with over 2,000,000 professional freelance creative talent. People from a variety of industries in various roles come to Voices looking for talent, including producers, marketers, account managers, educators and instructors.

Creating a free Voices account is simple and takes a matter of seconds. Head to our Sign Up page to create an account and post your first job.

Signing up for a Voices account is always free. A free Basic plan gives you everything you need to access professional talent and complete your project. For more information on Voices Plus and Voices Enterprise plans, which provide additional tools, check out our plans page.

On Voices, you have total control of the amount you spend. When you post a job, you can select either a fixed budget or a budget range for talent to base their quote on. Once you’ve made your hiring decision, we add a 3-5% Processing Fee and any applicable taxes (these taxes are applied to Canadian clients only).

Yes. Voices Plus is an annual subscription plan that provides extra tools to help you get your project done faster with more flexibility. It includes the ability to download custom responses and preview them in your creative project before you hire. Additionally, with Plus, all of your jobs are automatically 'Featured,' giving you auditions up to 30% faster, and you can also share branded shortlists with colleagues or clients for feedback.

Voices Basic
Everything you need to find professional creative talent for your project.
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