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This is a short sample of my voice in English in which I read the introductory page of the book 'Sapiens' by Yuval Noah Harari.

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SAPIENs. A brief history of mankind, Part one on animal of noting the visions about 40 million years ago. Matter, energy, time and space came into being in what is known as the Big Bang. The story of the fundamental features off our universe is called physics. About 300,000 years after their appearance, matter and energy started to Cooley's into complex structures called atoms, which then combine into molecules the story of art and molecules, and their interaction is called chemistry. About four billion years ago, on a planet called out, 13 molecules combined to form particularly large and intricate structures called organisms, the story of organisms called biology. About 70,000 years ago, organism belonging to the species **** SAPIENs started to form even more elaborate structures called cultures. The subsequent development of these human cultures is called history. Three important revolution shaped the course of history. The cognitive revolution kickstarted history About 70,000 years ago, the agricultural revolution sped it up about 12,000 years ago, the scientific revolution which caught on their way only 500 years ago. We well and history and start something completely different. This book tells the story off how these three revolutions have affected humans and their fellow organisms