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welcomed Adminis, the advertising management information system managed by the Advertising Coordination and Partnerships Directorate. This campaign management tool was developed to support and guide you through the development of your government of Canada Advertising initiatives. This first video is part of a Siri's each addressing key components of Adminis. How to create a campaign in Adminis. If you haven't already done so, please go to the following link and access the admits home page. First, enter your user name and password information and click log in. Click requests an account and complete the required fields. An email with a user name and temporary password will be sent to your email address shortly on the left hand menu. Select Create Campaign Adminis has a progress bar located at the top of the page. Step one captures campaign information. Step two captures product information. Step three captures media information. If you're not certain of the information required in a mandatory field, simply click on the question mark for a brief description of the information required for that field.