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Corsica, the Isle of Beauty, rich in history, culture and natural splendors between sea and mountains, pride of its people. Corsica, with its diverse heritage, is an all in one destination by all. In one, we mean that no matter what their origins, values or interests, all visitors who set foot on this island are deeply affected by the splendors of this land of contrasts. Although Corsica has been a French island since 17 68 it's people can boast of having their own firmly rooted culture to better appreciate your visit to the island. First, you have to understand that the unique Corsican culture is the result of a series of takeovers by and thus influences from different peoples. Its geographical location meant that strategically speaking, Corsica represented a deeply coveted Jewell for surrounding countries and was prey to many invasions. Indeed, Corsica's motto is often conquered, never submitted. Our trip begins in I ah Chou, capital of Corsica, located deep in the heart of the largest gulf on the island. This is the perfect stop for more urban tourists. With its museums, many terraces and casino, it offers a very pleasant, even playful, on Beyonce and is one of the main cruise ship ports of Call in France I Otto is full of tourist attractions, most of which are accessible on foot from the Old City. A good place to start is with a stroll through the little fishing port of Tino Rossi, where you will find rows of the traditional fishing vessels known as Point is not far away. San Francois Beach offers a magnificent panoramic view of the entire Gulf. The Citadel de Accio, a military fortification constructed in 14 92 looms over the beach.