My first ever podcast, just listen to the sound of my voice

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I recorded this podcast and edited it alone, the reason why I started the podcast was to add value to people, business and organisations

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Young Adult (18-35)


British (General) Kenyan (East Africa) South African (General)


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do you smell that? It's time for your weekly doze off value soft heart. Don Casey podcast adding value to you and well, Hello. Hello. Hello. Their friends and family. Welcome to what is another episode of value? Southport on the Don Casey podcast and fastened form Was that love to appreciate everyone that turned into the fast forecast? A receiving number of message is from you guys and very encouraging and inspiring. Thank you so much. A Santa Sana. Well, today, before I start a podcast, I'd like us to just take a moment to pause. I just take a deep breath. Well, that deep breath right there was for you to just let go off our thoughts that were bothering in the first place and being the moment on also for you to sub cautiously said cautiously, be grateful for the breath of life. Well, today, the topic of the poor cast is identity. Well, um, I believe you know, many of us, including myself, have