Torn From Time Chapter 8: Formalities, demonstration, English

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This is a readthrough of a page from my novel, Torn From Time. A short narration to hopefully help others understand how my voice sounds and works for projects such as these.

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Young Adult (18-35)


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We stopped outside of an old building which I assume used to be a fast food restaurant. Cora made sure no security were around Once we were sure no one was nearby. We went into the building. I examined my surroundings. I looked out the window once again taking in the foreign view. It was dark now there was not much I could see that is until the street lights came on. I was surprised this city was basically a ghost town. So why was their power? It was not just the street lights? Some of the buildings down the road had their lights come on as well. Okay. I think the guards stopped patrolling here. Cora said we should be fine for the night. But first, who are you and why are you in New Zirconia? I thought carefully. How is it going to answer this question? Hello. I'm a guy who was supposed to die 500 years ago. I want to talk about it. Will you ridicule me and assess my sanity? Yeah, that sounds about right. Does it not? Either way. I really can't stall for time. So I guess I should speak out. It's not like they would believe me anyway,