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The acronym I. N. T. P. One of the Meyer Briggs personality types stands for introversion, intuition thinking and perception, with only 3 to 5% of the world estimated to be an I. N. T. P. It is one of the rarest personality types in the world today on how to charisma. We're going to be looking at 10 signs that you're an I N T. P. I N T P. S are known for their flexible thinking and unconventional approaches to many aspects of life. They are often quiet analytical and spend a lot of time thinking and coming up with solutions to issues. They would rather focus their attention on their internal thoughts rather than the external world. EMT p. S are often considered the most intelligent personality type. Famous I N T P. S include Bill Gates, Albert, Einstein and Abraham Lincoln. Does this sound like you? Let's look at the first sign you might be an I N T P.