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Hours before the suspension of the four Congress Lok Saba mps were revoked on Monday. ***** ministers and said the government was ready for a discussion on price rise and the revocation is the opposition members or the leaders of the Congress assured the house that none of its members would bring back. Placard also accused the opposition of running away from the discussion fearing the government would expose how the state ruled by them didn't do enough to bring down prices. After lunch, speaker appealed to mps from both benches to allow the House to function and also ceded the poorer productivity rate. Earlier, he held a meeting with leaders where it too has decided that the government will move a proposal to withdraw the suspension of the four Congress mps to maintain the career in the house is the responsibility of all members and we must comply with the rules and norms. Bella said Congress leader Aran Choudary and Josi spoke on the same lines with the former assuring the house that the party will comply with the norms in Ra Subha soon after the house met Sina and other opposition leaders raised the recent action by II against. Opposition leaders also raised rice, rice and used on some be essentials while seeking immediate discussion. T MC leader Derek Obrien said the government has not accepted even one under rule 2 67 since demonetization on the issue. Goyle said we are lawmakers and not lawbreakers those who break the law for face the consequences of the law. I appeal to them to let the law take its course. The government can't interfere with the law enforcement. A NC.