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A collection of demo scripts I got to work on with SuchAVoice for my demo projects. Contains some theoretical documentary/educational scripts.

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Nasa knew that whoever led the mission to the moon would need to have deep technical skill and be calm under pressure. If things went wrong during the mission, the astronauts would need to fix it on their own and fast and so after months of trials, Nasa selected a decorated military pilot, Neil Armstrong. Yeah. To livestream to facebook or Youtube. You need a video encoder. This can either be software that you download or a standalone hardware device that compresses real time video and sends it to the internet. If you prefer. A software encoder, you've got plenty of options including wire cast V mix, Dream Labs, O. B. S. And O. B. S. Studio. Researchers at Stanford University have made a breakthrough that could transform our understanding of the brain. Using a new bifocal microscopy technique called cosmos. They were able to capture decisions as they were being made, tracking each signal as it traveled through the brain. Smart, loyal and eager to please. Golden retrievers are perfect for any family. Just be sure to give them lots of playtime. These dogs have a ton of energy so a daily walk is a must. They're also extremely affectionate. So when you get home be prepared to have a cuddle monster snuggling on the couch