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a dry white season by under a brink. Chapter seven. I want to tell you about some unfortunate people who found the right solution to their problems. They followed a simple but highly practical plan, and in each case the outcome was a happy and successful one. These people are no sense different than you. They had the same problems and difficulties that you have, but they found the formula which helped them get the right answers to the difficult questions facing them. This same formula applied by you can get similar results. First, let me tell you the story of a husband and wife, longtime friends of mine. For years, Bill, the husband walked hard until he finally reached the wrong next to the top of the ladder in his company. He was a line for the presidency of the firm and felt certain that upon retirement of the president he would be advanced to that position. There was no apparent reason why his ambition should not be realized for by ability, training and experience. He was qualified. Besides, he had been led to believe that he was to be chosen. However, when the appointment was made, he was bypassed, a man was brought in from the outside to fill the post. I arrived in his city just after the blow had fallen. The wife, Mary, was in an especially vindictive state of mind. At dinner, she bitterly outlined all that she would like to tell them. The intense disappointment, humiliation, frustration focused on a burning anger, which she poured out to her husband and me. Bill, on the contrary, was quiet, obviously hot, disappointed and bewildered, he took it courageously, being essentially a gentle person. It was not surprising that he failed to become angry or violent in his reaction. Mary, his wife, wanted him to resign immediately. She urged him to tell them off and tell them plenty, then quit. He seemed disinclined to take his wife's advice, saying, perhaps it was for the best, and he would go along with the new man and help him in any way that he could. That attitude, admittedly, might be difficult, but he had worked for the company for so long that he would not be happy elsewhere, and besides, he felt that in the secondary position the company could continue to use him. His wife then turns to me and asked what I would do. I suggested that what we needed was divine guardians, a wisdom beyond ourselves in this situation.