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I did all the voiceovers for these narrations that were recorded in a professional studio.

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september 15th 1963 The 16th street baptist church in Birmingham Alabama. As worshippers filled the sanctuary, nothing can prepare the congregation for the horror to come. 12 sticks of dynamite are set to detonate beneath a nearby stairwell. A phone rings in the church office. Three minutes the bombers had issued their warning. The countdown has just begun to one of the most shocking crimes in the civil rights era. The bomb goes off and pandemonium breaks out in the streets as onlookers rushed to help killed in the blast. Our Denise Mcnair Cynthia, Wesley kell Robinson and addie Mae Collins. Their murders are the latest violence to rock Birmingham, one of the most segregated cities in the nation, Birmingham is a place where the Klan has detonated so many bombs in black neighborhoods, the city's nickname is bombing ham. Diamonds are pure or nearly pure, carbon, blessed with three extraordinary qualities. First, a diamond is the purest of earth's gemstones, composed of a single unadulterated element. Second, it is the hardest transparent substance known to man. However sharp impact may cause damage to a diamond. Third, a diamond has unique powers of light reflection when cut to proper proportions, it gathers light within itself, sending it back in a shower of fire and brilliance. These qualities make a diamond ring. The perfect symbol of engagement