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This is scripted conversation of a guy working in an ISP call center.

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Mhm. To internet provider, you're speaking with best guy, How may I be of service? Oh, you you have a nervous breakdown. Oh, sorry, sorry sir, this is your internet service provider, you should be calling your shrink maybe. Uh Yeah, yeah, thank you for your call by and have a nice day. Yeah. Yes. Hello, through internet provider, you're speaking with best guy. How many how may I be of service? Okay. You don't have an internet connection? That's that's really nice. Sorry, it's not nice, it's it's awful actually. Uh Okay, did you try switching your router off and turning and turning and kid auto on again? Yeah. Uh Oh, and it is still not working? Oh, that's very unfortunate. So you don't have electricity? Okay. I see. Okay, so in order for you to have an internet connection, you need your router to be working and in order for your router to be working, you need like electricity. So could you please call me once you have your power up again, yep. That's right, thank you very much. Have a nice day sir. Bye bye. Through internet provider, a provider you're speaking with best guy. How may I be of service? Yeah. Oh, okay. You're trying to illegally download a torrent movie from somewhere and it's not happening because sorry sir, you're speaking with the wrong person? Uh yep, yep, it's probably your system administrator that restricted your access to the uh that part of the web I guess. Yeah. Yeah. Call your local support please. Yeah. Bye bye. Have a nice evening