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Casual, conversational, cool, comical, spokesperson, amusing, sarcastic, snarky

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Jane and Leonard were Volkswagen on the road on the right hand side. Brilliant. Try. Yes, you do. For a limited time, you can lease a new Jetta G L automatic for only $229 a month at the Bay Area Summer sale smorgasbord. So we have to tell everyone to move its right. Let's hit the beach. Right on, girl. Don't call me that, OK? The sun on the sand. What? That lady right there is naked. So she is. And that guy over there, that old guy, you know, it's okay. This is the bay area. Just go tell him he can lease a new Jetta for 2 29 Just look him in the ice. Jane, Leonard, go. OK. Don't miss the chance to lease a new Jetta for only 2 29 a month at the summer sale smorgasbord. Visit your local Bay area Volkswagen dealer today. Well, sir, you can lease a new Jetta for all your naked Look me in the eyes. Sorry. 36 month lease 99 required. Signing excludes taxes, license, other options and dealer attorney supplies. Limited offer ends to like 31st 2000. To see your dealer or call 1 800 drive VW for details.