The Timekeeper Audio Drama - Myles Mitchell (main character)3

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The Timekeeper Audio Drama - Myles Mitchell (main character)3

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Hey, my name is Miles Mitchell. I'm the new kid in a sleepy little town called Lead Hill. They say it got its name back when it was a thriving mining camp. But now the place looks like it's seen better days. We moved here because my dad's an insurance uh man, what's it called again? Because of my dad's job. And now I'm stuck in a new city. No friends at the start of summer vacation with no idea what it is to do in this place. But that's not the worst part. There's something weird going on here. Everyone's really friendly but almost too friendly. Like they're hiding something. There's that feeling like you're being watched. But then when you turn around, nobody is there like something is making the hair stand up on the back of your neck and then there's the hum. Every once in a while you catch it in the air. Most of the time you can't hear it. But if you listen closely and are really still, it's there almost a sound but most of the time, more like a feeling of a sound, a vibration. Ok. Ok. I don't know. You didn't hear it last time. How should I know? Yeah. Just not quite as loud as before, but it seems to be getting stronger again. I don't know, but I do know that the sound is coming from upstairs.