Lost Requiem Fantasy Fiction



This is a witch who just lost a battle. She begins as emotional and turns angry wanting vengeance. There are male voices as well. All voices are created by me.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
the smoke choked and stung the clouded armored woman who was on her knees, looking at the results of the battle they had lost. All she had accomplished gone in an instant by lowly mortals who, she said, she would not forget this. She had conquered the elves, dwarves, and even the warmongering orcs humanity wasn't even worth mentioning. They were nothing but cattle. Her coven was gone destroyed, and all she could do now was stare at the destruction that had been wrought upon her people. Blood gore and mud coated her as if she searched for anyone who had survived with her sight. They had been arrogant thinking that they could go against sleeping dragons, but a demon's grudge held on tightly, even if she was only half demon, she held the blood of a demon king, and this humiliation was going to put her out of her father's graces. He had given her so much and she had fallen because of her arrogance, her jaw clenched as her gloved hands turned into fists. If she was going to go down then she was going to take them down with her, be it 100 or even 1000 years, the which mother will drag them down into her humiliation. Her crimson hair blew back as a much needed wind tickled her soot covered face that was mixed with blood. The fallen conqueror got to her feet, slipping in the blood soaked mud, her teal eyes glowed in the dark as she limped through. Some lucky soul, had managed to nick her in the leg, the muscles and skin had already healed, but it was stiff. The Witch looked around as she limped on the opposition were farther away. Rounding up the rest of her people, she had to act quickly on this before they found out they had missed her limping faster and frantically looking at the bodies she found what she needed. He was barely alive. She clumsily ripped off the enemy's armor and shirt. Leaning in, she made sure he was still breathing as she took out her knife and using her teeth, she ripped her glove off. There's another one. Quickly quickly she cut into her hand and using her other hand, started to draw in her own blood and arcane circle and whispering. The spell. Running footfalls were coming closer as well as shouts, the spell that was spilling out of her mouth. Started getting louder and louder. Stop! She lifted the blade. They were now on top of her.