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Supercede corporate video

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For a long time, reinsurance has been unnecessarily complicated, convoluted, muddled. But there's a better way. Super C takes the hassle out of reinsurance for a smoother process for everyone from seed, instead, brokers to reinsurers. This begins with analytics by collating your data cleanly. Supersede makes it easier to get your submission packs right the first time. That means less time wasted, while highly skilled and expensive teams retyped numbers from scattered PDFs and spreadsheets. Instead, supersede ought to make your submission, exhibits and packages information in a coherent, uniform way, making it straightforward for brokers to review and easier for seedings to approve. With placements getting bigger and more complex, it's more important than effort to have a centralised hub to manage your deals. Supersede does just that. With best in class functionality, you're able to keep an eye on your placements in a single, intuitive workflow tool. Every aspect has been designed to capture the nuances of bespoke reinsurance deals because it's all kept together in one place. Nothing falls through the cracks In reinsurance, you're only as good as your network, so why settle for anything less than the best? Supercede gives you quick, easy access to risk and capital relationships around the world. So wherever you are, you can access the expertise you need. Just build your profile, said your appetite by line of business, product and region, and you'll be linked with the partners you need to get your placement done. Whether it's data tools or people supersede makes your reinsurance processes a breeze. Say goodbye to clunky systems and confusing email trails and say hello to reinsurance that connects Say hello to supersede.