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Medical E-Learning Extract

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An extract from a recent project, a 150.000 word drug manual for nursing training.

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kurta type and other drugs. Drug classification Thrown Politics. The prototype drug for throb politics As Aldo Place Activase. This drug is a tissue plasminogen activator and is often called T p. A. Other thrown politics include two Nektar Place T and K Ace streptokinase, Strep tastes and read a place. Read a vase. Hematopoietic sis. The development of blood cells begins in the bone marrow. This process is called tomato poise is and takes place in the bones of the pelvis, sternum, ribs and vertebra. And adults. Stem cells in the marrow begin the process of blood cell development. Their production governs from cited kinds called colony stimulating factors, or CSF's. Each specific type of CSF is responsible for stimulating the production of a particular type of cell.