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Our planet is Motion power and community. Our planet too. Only on Netflix on the next Royal Crackers. How's the tour going? Oh, you know, sex drugs and rock n roll. It can't be too bad, can it? I killed a guy last night. What the? Yeah. And we need to act fast cars starting to smell like Royal Crackers. Only on adult swim. Good morning. Everyone flights on today. Six hours, 54 minutes, 40,000 ft from the ground. Seven hours from home. 200 lives on the line. I just want to get him to my family. One job to do. See us walk down. I can tell you it's not gonna be us. Hi, Jack on Apple TV. Plus Gordon's back. Welcome to Hell's kitchen and everything's going straight to hell. Which chef goes home out of? Five? You get a what? While another wins Gordon over. First of all that is delicious. Hell's kitchen Thursdays at eight on Fox.