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Hello, I'm Alex Robinson. One easy way to sell beer. Put a woman in a cowboy hat in your ad. Why? Because it's hot. You'll be delighted to discover Johnson's new bedtime bath and lotion routine could actually help your baby sleep longer. But how long can you stay away? New from Rimmel London magnifies mascot. A breakthrough. I magnify a brush with 70% more lash lift that holds traffic stopping lash alert. Get the London look. How come when prices a cut, its always on stuff you don't want Cut price. Waffle makers are very handy. It's quieter than a Lexus Rx 3 50 It's more spacious than a Mercedes. Our class. It has a better frontal crash rating than a Volvo XY 19. It's simply the finest luxury crossover ever. Beaches. Family values take on a whole new meaning because you get the value of having everything included, so spend time of beaches making memories your value forever. Call your travel agent or beaches on 1 800 beaches