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just hit me up when you feel like it. I just need someone to make me up to share my voice so I can be famous fast

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So this is my voice. I can use different voices. My name is Al Hadidi and I can't use different voices. I was born in Amman and I learned to speak. I learned to speak English in the U. S. When I stayed in the U S for two years I learned how to speak it fluently, as I hope so. And I don't know, I can't change. My voice is I can act like a drunk man. You know what I'm saying? I can I can talk like this to you know, this voice is very, very very What do you call it? This voices or Hey, boy, when I talk to you, boy, you know God of war when he says, boy, yeah, I can laugh too. I guess there's different stuff. I don't know what to do to see my demos and stuff. Keep it family friendly moon there. So this is why I can't do any more. Hit me up. You know what I'm saying? Hit me up so we can do some stuff. You know? I can do some A lot of voices just hit me up. I don't know, bro. Just let me out