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What would it take to make your business? ATT Digital BUSINESS First, you need a digital storefront a place toe onboard new customers and turn them into investors. You'll need trading and custody infrastructure to support the process. End to end. You'll also need access to data about your uses. And finally, you need the relevant permissions to comply with fast changing regulation. That's what we do. We add an invest now button on your promotional website, giving potential investors access to a co branded on boarding portal Thie. Co branding allows you to maintain your branding while we handle the regulation. In a few clicks, your visitors are converted to investors, and this is where the magic happens. We continuously gather rich analytics about your investors using this data. You can create your own segments, for example, age, investment, preference or even flight risk. This enables you to target each segment with relevant promotions or communications. The same data is also used to drive your digital marketing campaigns. This helps you increase lifetime customer value on DH lower acquisition costs way, help you acquire, convert and retain new investors in a digital world. In short wealth, Colonel helps you 10 change into growth and opportunity