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This is a voiceover for a short film called Behind The Mask by Joshua Chislett. This film focuses on depression and suicide.

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the hallways crowded but hollow. And I saw the way you look down. I wish you had dropped the mask and followed all that You could be in the here and now. Day after day you let this silent riot behind the door The bird was tired, The wings were sore. They wanted more. They wanted war violence straight to the court Your own internal self Behind the mask in caging your screens The worst of your dreams became your soul Truth I felt your words as you teared up Wall was too strong I told you the light lied beyond. But to you it all seemed so wrong. You didn't believe me. You couldn't admit it. You escaped your own. But how could I blame your invisible shield? How could I trust the wounds on healed? I admit it. My love too was lost Behind the veil train trucks call your soul and the music something The tear you were So you were happy But you still hot Every bit of fear I couldn't dare to go near. But maybe one day your mind would be clear enough for us to talk once again. Yes, the world scarred the world scared salvation seemed to fall. The loop was blinding while you were hiding and hanging from your bright star hit the action. There's no more than a reaction so full of traction. It's no longer breathe. Fighting the other You fought yourself, rendered me disbelieve the new call. And there was hope again. It was time for our task. At last I need to end the pain, see the beauty behind.