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I wrote the script after being provide the listed content and watching each build tutorial. After a couple editing phases, the voiceover is recorded! I typically try to do it in one shot, then clean up everything after. Always happy to fix details.

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a plain old portal doesn't really give you a good idea of what's about to go down on the other side. But thanks to these inspiring creators, I shouldn't have that problem next time around. By the time you loaded up with food and diamond gear, it's only appropriate that you have a portal that matches your level. So we collected the coolest and scariest nether portal based designs we could find, starting off with Number 10, the mythical sausage that's entangled favorite his another portal design looks very clean and naturally fits in with the original game design. The dungeon or castle theme also gives you a great idea of the dangers of another world number nine, fully spaced, with an awesome skeleton portal holding lots of skeletons. I really dig how the bottom blocks of the portal are one level submerged, allowing for a different look to be accomplished. Number eight by Phoenix is called the Dragon's Gate and reminds me of some design themes in older World of Warcraft expansions. It's also pretty clever how he shapes the straight edges to look Curvy glow stones give off an eerie vibe at nighttime, showing lots of simple ways to spruce up your portal's looks. Number seven by mumbo jumbo is a massive nether gateway that uses a bunch of portals to create an ominous structure. This light up animation is also an amazing use of Redstone Mm Number six by Arkle House is a dangerously dope looking build. The medieval end of the world theme really stands out with the clever use of materials, even though it seems to be in almost every movie ever. This design still stands out to me and does not look cliche at all. Maybe a little before getting to the next build. You want to do a quick shout out to end a grand. Thanks for the comment. If you would like to shout out comment below what your favorite bill design was, why any suggestions? You have anything like that, and we randomly select a commenter in every video. Number five by Trader is a sub nautical themed nether portal that looks like a giant cigarette. The futuristic or ancient and kind of alien color scheme definitely stands out. Number four by McMackin Stein. This is a series of build innovations that have the coolest uses of command blocks. I've seen so far, you can't build these in creative mode, and they're kind of tricky to understand. So please check out McMackin science Channel for some great explanations. But out of all of them, the one we like the most is definitely the blinking eye. Number three by Trixie Blocks features three skill levels of the same build, the last one being most inspired by the Stranger Things series. The final or expert level is actually unreal. Looks like the netherworld is taking over bleeding out onto the over world number two by Minecraft Sakai is a massive Lord of the Ring style built the time lapse shows everything being built from scratch with the exception of some pillars. Overall, it's a super satisfying process to watch before our topic. Let's take a look at those honorable mentions. Mm, yeah. Mm hmm. Yeah. Number one by gold. Robin is definitely the best. No hard feelings. This bill would be especially fun to recreate. This half above half below structure could be applied to almost everything else I build as well. But having the buried in above ground parts of the sword design make their own portals is too awesome. I'd like to see the same idea done in different ways, where the above ground and below ground portals have contrasting or opposite styles. Thanks for watching. What do you think about how we rank the designs? Do you agree? Disagree with the design we left out? Let us know in the comments below, and we'll see in the next video.