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Sample of ad reads by Amanda Hunt, mixed by Shelley Shenoy.

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parents sick of violent video games and mind numbing cartoons introducing I. Q. Challenge by gaming, a seven piece educational toy set for kids ages five or older. The best part, it's just a bag filled with sticks and rocks. That's right. I feel so sweet. Okay, I'm insatiable. I'm sorry what? And like I really shouldn't be doing this. Okay, me too. I can't wait. Me neither. What My Betty Crocker, caramel, pecan sticky rolls are done, but you can't stop me now. I'm having the best day ever. I'm letting the real me come out and it feels amazing and it's all because this morning I tried a hot cup of java love badass brewed coffee and now introducing new chocolate, raspberry infinity are most chocolatey pleasure. Yet dark chocolate ice cream and raspberry swirls dipped in dark chocolate and cocoa bean ibs, she told me I had to get to bliss. I asked why and she told me it's because this weekend they're running a 20% discount on their firm baby firm facial. Well, let me tell you something that is going to blow your mind. I did it. If you would like to learn more donate or get involved as one of our volunteers, please visit us on the web at rabbit dot org and find a location near you. So the next time someone asks if you're a rabbit person, you can say yes and mean it. This is Amanda Hunt. Thank you for listening