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Narration Childrens Books

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Middle Aged (35-54)


Australian British (General) North American (US Mid-Atlantic)


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today is hug a tree day in green gown forest. Tickle bug poppy. The hedgehog are excited to take part for the very first time count a scene I love hug a tree day. What is Hug a tree day? It is a special day when all of us woodland friends gather to give nature our hug and everyone knows that hugging makes you feel really good. I think never hacked a tree before. Oh, should we practise hug first. Terrific idea. Poppea hugging makes me feel rating. He goes tickle bug turns and hugs a big red balloon. He squeezes on DH squeezes. In fact, he squeezes so hard. Oh, start without me. Ah, last giggle bug as he flies away. O dia Poppy now feels all alone and confused. I could really use a hug. Now who wants to be first? City Bunny takes one look at Poppy's pointy quills and quickly decides, Ah, hug is not the best idea. High five. Poppy. He That's how all the cool kids hug in the city. Poppy isn't sure what to think of that, so she looks for the next friend. A hug