Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


Australian British (General) Spanish (Central American)


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those creeps over there. Just why do you think you're doing here? You guys don't fool me. I know what you're after. Better stay out of my way. So I go to the doctor. She looks me over. Then she sits me down and says to me, I'm sorry, lady. Mount your dying again. My grandmother woman who raised me is dying. What creature? Tortured in such a pool and innocent youth? Do not be afraid. My child entering enemy territory, their enemy preparing for a strike. Likewise fired about enemy craft out. Emma, your spotter for this game. I can help you win. So pay attention. Game starts in 321 begin. Glad you like it. I almost forgot. I even had these since my sis back time for our move over here. So I figure there's at least a couple of weeks old. Can't believe my own sister threw me out of my house. Said something about May needed to get out more since moving here. System online and operational. Signing in user jet passed in. Theo engaging the enemy that the girl get out of guns on that dog. Let's take the fight to them. Everyone that action. Let's go. Hold on to your seat. Hey, honey, I'm done work, and I'll be waiting for you at home. Maybe we can have a little dinner together. So you say you are a princess. Well, we'll see about that little girl. Is he having a picnic with a raccoon? Jeez, Mia, how you're gonna fall while trying to help somebody? Yes. Yes, I'm calling him now. Do you want me to hang up? He certainly doesn't know with you. And this is about all debts. Hello. My name is Mary Turner. I would like to close my term deposit. Could you help me out with that, please? Thank you, dear.