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THE FURIES by Mandy Beaumont
This is a demo I did for an Australian book called The Furies by Mandy Beaumont . The author wanted me to voice the audiobook for audible but unfortunately her publisher was in the uk and was only hiring locally

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Preface a girl's guide to misplacement and natural disasters. Then stop calling us girls. We are women. There is a list. You have one too, don't you? Yes, you, your best friend does. I do. The woman you have never met does mine is kept in my head. But while drunk one night I wrote all their names on a piece of full scap paper. Stopped when I got too drunk to care anymore. I'll never finish that list. I'm still not sure if I can remember all their names or descriptors for these encounters. As I you we your mother, grandmother, your best friend, the woman you met one night at a party. Remember them are not the same as the way they remember them. These lists are yours, ours, hers are real and I want you to know, I really want you to know that we are beginning to use their real names. Now, Anthony. But Adam, we are all warning our daughters about them, showing our young friends pictures of them telling them that nowhere is safe to walk anymore. We hold our young sisters to our chests as they cry and the ground swells beneath our feet. Do you feel it? Do you see the rivers bursting, the pandemics, rising the crops and wildlife dying, the deep holes swallowing cities on the news. Do you hear the roar, the splutter the whoosh of the fire building to inferno around you? You hear that? Yes, that listen, there is no rhythm, no pattern. How very boring if they were there is however a lesson for you about how catastrophe, how sudden and widespread disaster can be stopped and dismantled. I want you to know, I really want you to know that if you don't try the natural world around you, she will destroy you.