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during difficult times. What sort of company do you want to be part off To be a supplier of iPods to local hospitals so patients can communicate with their families to see your workplace kitchen making thousands of meals and food boxes for any chair, staff and charities? Climate change is the defining challenge of our time. The Scottish government is introducing a climate change bill on DH. It's the toughest in the world. Scotland proudly leading the fight against climate change. If you're married or have kids, the UK government is providing support on advice to make life a little easier. You're not able to transfer £1190 of your personal allowance to your husband, wife or civil partner if he earned more than you making a difference to family life in Scotland. Visit delivering for Scotland dot gov dot UK. The world of business has changed, so we've changed everything. Reduced complexity, improved performance, greater flexibility, lower connectivity costs, putting you in complete control. The UK High Street is at a tipping point. For years, retail banks have closed branches, limiting access to ATMs in many communities, severely disrupting the public's access to cash A recent government report found that 47% of the population would struggle to live in a cashless society. Explore how we can help you create effective digital solutions, save money with digital technology, improved public or pushing services. Contact us today at exception. UK dot com Exception. Enabling a Digital Scotland