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wow, you've got quite an impressive voice. Little girl, what's your name? Asked the teacher from then on, MEREDITH was known in school as the little girl with the big red orange hair and the even bigger voice By the time MEREDITH was ready to go to high school, she decided to let her massive amount of red orange curls grow long again. Her mother didn't really think it was a good idea. When the first symptoms appeared on a bright afternoon in late august, I had no idea they were anything. Fall was cross country season and practice started a couple of weeks before the first day of school, my sophomore year was about to begin and it was a perfect day for Iran. The air warm but not hot. The first few leaves beginning to turn red and gold. It was my best friend, similar who convinced me to join the team. Imagine looking out a perfectly clean clear window, you see the world as it is now imagine that someone splashed mud on the window. A buck is splattered on the corner, pain yuck. A neighborhood kid with terrible aim through a ball and chip part of the glass. Now at years of snowstorms, wind and sun damage. How is your view out of that window now, how does the world look? Chapter One pronunciation. This is an introductory guide to spanish pronunciation to get you started in saying things in spanish vowels, the letters that are vowels in english are also vowels in spanish, although they aren't always pronounced the same way in general, pronouncing vowels in spanish is much easier than in english.