Voice over for Fire safety tip educational video



My voice was used for an educational video about fire safety tips during the celebration of Fire Prevention Month.

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Young Adult (18-35)


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Yeah another fire safety tip from your friendly fire department ci fire station, this is a reminder to all households with Children. Please teach your kids about fire safety. Start them young or so they say with proper training and guidance our Children will become more aware and safer. We only need to do two things. First prevent your kids from starting fires. Children are naturally curious and playful. I know they are cute and they want to give them everything but it is also our responsibility to reach them not to touch any flammable materials. Keep matches lighters in other ignitable substances in a secure location out of our kids reach. Also invest in flameless candles. These candles contain a lightbulb rather than and often plane cool right? It comes in different designs and colors too. Second help your kids survive a fire in case fire occurs, teach your kid what smoke alarm sounds like it sounds like this And then teach them what to do when they hear one. Make sure to teach your kids easy to escape plans from every room of your home and where to meet up outside. Practice your escape plan with kids at least twice a year, at different times of the day you can make it as fun and educating experience for your kids and your family. Lastly teach kids to stop, drop and roll again. Stop drop and roll if their clothes should catch on fire once again this is another fire safety tips from your friendly fire department C. I. R. Fire station