Motor City Eatz Campaign

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Wrote, directed, produced and provided voice over the following commercial ad

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attention restaurant owners and food service professionals. We all know that the motor city is on lockdown, and we know what that could mean for your restaurant or food truck. The streets are talking is inviting you to join us in our campaign to save your business. The city might be held hostage under quarantine, but let's face it, folks still gotta eat. So how does that happen when indoor dining is closed to the public and fall weather has set in, the streets, are talking, has developed tools to drive customers to your business and to coach you in stepping up your curbside service game with these affordable tools, you won't spend your time worrying about losing money or customers or sitting on the sidelines watching your dream to feed Detroit die through our new Motor City eats campaign. Your business can help redefine the way restaurant owners like you do business. How does it sound to run out of food? Nut customers allow our professionals to show you how it's done before it's too late. Get in touch with us today. Call us at 313 5234040 Our team is standing by. Continue to feed your customers. Keep your family and employees working. And most of all, keep your business booming. Call right now. 3135234040 Our campaign to keep you feeding the City of Detroit begins right now. 3135234040 Join us for Motor City East. Who really fun? Yeah.