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Various forms of commercial voiceovers.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


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new Wendy's homestyle french toast sticks wake up your sweet tooth only at participating U. S. Wendy's. You deserve a car that gives you something back when you hit the pedal and there's a car company that believes that to one that's been delivering thrills at every turn for over 80 years. This is the new Nissan. Unlike some others, we don't believe that food is fuel. Fuel is for machines. Food is for people. Food can give hope to those who need it most it can feed the soul and help us grow. We don't make fuel, we make food Chobani believe in food. We've been developing leaders for 55 years. All you need is five days. The critical path to success begins at the Cornell Johnson School. Our executive education courses provide intensive interactive learning experiences that enhance strategic vision while developing effective management skills. Enroll now at www dot johnson dot Cornell dot e D. U. And start walking that path to success. Okay so you use the other guys and now your packages, well maybe it's not lost but it sure didn't get to the client's office by 10 a.m. And now the boss wants to see you. So next time use Fedex reliable on time courteous service. So your package arrives where it's supposed to when it's supposed to and at a very reasonable price. Fedex gets it there