Sample of VO for video talking about new technology taking over.

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This was given to me from a Russian translation, I recorded this along with many others for a company I once worked with.

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well, I have a job in the next 10 years or even a year. It is no secret that we live in the era of changes. The 21st century has changed our lives beyond anything familiar. But experts around the world agree that the main change is yet to come. The current situation in the labour market makes people think seriously about the threat of mass job loss. Because of robots, we risk to face the fact that in the next 10 years almost 90% of professional drivers will lose their jobs simply because they will not be needed. No matter what you do, dig a trench, a robot will dig it better. Write articles for a magazine. A robot will write them better than you. Cashiers and sales people get replaced with ATMs and automatic accounting systems. Now, more than half of the exchange brokers have given past their work to computer algorithms. There are robots that are able to completely replace the human in a restaurant kitchen. In China alone, the number of fully roboticist production increases by a quarter annually. So what kind of work can we expect? Advanced robotics will affect both physical and mental work. During the next decade, all routine low skilled occupations will disappear, and then policemen, doctors, miners, journalists, accountants, teachers, lawyers and so on will lose their jobs. These and many other professions can be fully automated by the year 2040 and by 2060. Artificial intelligence will be able to complete any task from those that people perform today. The rich will get richer because they own robots and the rest will become poor. How can you protect yourself and your family from the risk of losing jobs as a result of the robotics implementation? The obvious answer Participation in the new economic evolution of the world knew. In short, new is based on the participation of all people in the activity of companies which provide them with services. The new consumer community includes advanced training and financial and investment literacy, personal finance, management, preservation and augmentation of capital and, of course, personal growth. Crypto Unit programme gives the opportunity to become a co owner, a shareholder a share participant of the global investment portfolio, which already includes more than 60 instruments of the investment market. It also gives the opportunity to receive a bounty in the framework of the loyalty, programme and profit bonus unlimited high profitable businesses. Based upon the concept of multi level crowd investing, The main mission and goal is to make at least 15% of the global population financially educated, teach people how to create and manage their assets. When investing assets in the company, a person becomes a Kona with the right to participate in the management of the companies within the global investment portfolio. Consumer an opportunity to purchase the quality products at a competitive discount entrepreneur by attracting new customers into the company with the help of multilevel crowd investing. With the help of the Crypto Unit programme, we will be able to implement the new economic evolution of the world on our planet. One of the clearest examples of new is Haji Village in China. Each Villager is a millionaire thanks to the fact that the entire industry, infrastructure, public buildings, shopping centres and other investment projects are owned by local residents. Every year, residents get huge dividends from the projects in which they have invested in simple terms. We can say this they have invested, built, consume and get dividends. The new programme will give the public the opportunity to go on a completely new path of development because within it all people of planet Earth become co owners of the most profitable and beneficial businesses and companies, creating a global corporation in the world. It will bring to the earth peace, prosperity, wealth, unity, longevity and health, help clean the planet of physical waste through recycling of usable energy and get rid of the waste energy in people's minds through the new and advanced education.