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Radio and Television Commercials that sound empathetic, believable, conversational, relatable, upbeat, happy, comforting, mom, wise, uplifting, inspiring, confident, comedic, articulate, genuine, engaging, sincere, charismatic, charming, real, millennial, warm. All in an Australian Accent.

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My name is Angel and this is my demo. Welcome to you, NSW Sydney At Powerhouse of Teaching and Research in Sydney, Australia's business and technology capital, We shape a generation of innovative, forward thinking global citizens. Gen Z is our big into chewing gum. But as it gets harder and harder to reach them through traditional channels, how can a chewing gum brand foster a meaningful connection in a new and exciting way? Simple hit up the world's leading live streaming service and home to gamers twitch ever felt let down by lacklustre wipers. You're not alone. Many Aussie drivers have, which is why, 12 years ago, a better breeder blades was born, one that really got tails wagging with its superior quality and design. Risk it. Risk it. What's next? Driving through red lights, jumping out of aeroplanes, smuggling cocaine for a Colombian cartel, wrapping yourself and me and swimming in a crocodile infested waters. Drinking a bottle of bleach in risk taking is a slippery slide. Get a grip with Goodyear Auto Cab room on Hunter straight