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Welcome to the Quick Guide. Our interactive summary of the map process for an introduction click start here to begin November marks a significant milestone for Amgen. We are launching our new online tools, which impact many parts of the map process. The tools will launch at the end of November in the middle of this year's reviewing phase. If you wish to start your reviewing process before the new tools are available, the information on this screen will help with the transition. Scroll down to read the entire list or click print to print a copy. Now that you can locate the online functions, you'll also want to learn how to use them. Complete training can be found in the map E learning course. You can also download job AIDS for the online map functions by clicking the resources button. Well done. You've completed the four phases. You can select any item for review or click the next button for a quick wrap up. After Amgen's corporate goals and functional goals are established at the beginning of the year, it's time for staff to prepare their own performance goals and development plans. There have been many changes to the map process. This year, the screen provides a quick summary of the key points to review the entire list. Scroll down with the scroll bar. You can also print the list by clicking the print button. Manager Self Service provides a complete set of online tools for the map process. They include the map planning and Review form E feedback and the Compensation Planning Tool, all accessed from the same convenient location.