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This section is towards the end of story 17 (The Dream That Came True) in Stories Weird and Wonderful by J.E. Muddock.

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kind. Friends flitted around my bed and ministered to my wands. But he came not, I fear, to ask the question that trembled on my lips. Where was he? At length, My attendants seemed to come and go with a stealthier tread. I saw strangers in the room and people spoken mysterious whispers. I could bear the suspense no longer. Where is my husband? I cried. Each one turned to the other and seem to be communicating by strange signals. Tell me if I repeated. Where is my husband? You shall know. Soon, they answered. I will No now, I shrieked as springing from the bed and breaking away from them. I rushed to his room and saw him then So who dead and in his cough.