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Different characters for animation.

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Teen (13-17)


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Oh, you're so self righteous. I'm merely helping the girl move up in this company. Samantha doesn't mind. Do you now put on your makeup and pat leather pumps and seal the deal with Mr Hildebrand. Our firm needs him as a client. Chop suey beef and broccoli, orange chicken, one ton strips, you know nothing. You just ordered authentic Chinese. Why don't you just go to Golden crab buffet? You'll be much happier, stupid, lazy American. Do not be afraid I visit your dreams. Only to reassure and calm you. It is the only time you're truly open to my guidance. When you wake, you'll receive a call from a stranger, do what she says and you'll soon find your way home. So you're such a gross out. No one wears juicy couture anymore. And where did you get that jacket? Anyway? Thrifts are us brodie to the max. Let me teach you a lesson in power. The larger the engine, the greater the force. It's hard to spew fire when you're cutting half