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Mike's recording test. Test. Test test test test test be locked in. You locked up. Which one is yours? The second one? The second one. The second one. Betty by the way, I don't know what to do my phone. Mm hmm. Two. What man. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome officially. To see through the hype. Speak your truth collaboration. And they're not ready for that. But I don't think they're ready bro. I don't think they're ready. We gotta kick off 2022. Right man. But before we get into what we're talking about, man, we got a shout out to our sponsors. TMP the band. Boys got to shout out them boys, boy, you already know them boys brunch town. To show them the back, back back. Show him the back. We got a little camera to show them the back. That joint is cold. I wanted the white one. They didn't want to give me the white one that gave me the black one. So you know what? The black one still cracks. TMP the band. Thank you for sponsoring us Liberation Liberation Liberation Live audience. Live audience here, can we get a quick sample of TMP? Please let you guys know let me know what you sound like man. Uh yeah, yeah, yeah. Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on. Where y'all at man to talk to him mike, first of all, before, before we even get to that, right? I want to shout out to Lazarus luke And nick nick nick nick nick. The guys. The guys are in here live right now. Great energy. As soon as they walked in, especially Lazarus man, Lazarus, my guy turns down screamer, the black rock star, that's kind of the black rockstar. The rockstar we got coming later. We got the black Rocks here on speaking truth man, we want to dive into different things and rock, black rock, like what's going on? Like who would have thought you would heard black rock bands like 2022 right now? You know TMP is doing that different stuff and we're going to have the tags right here the whole time. The band, they sponsored it. So it'll be right here, their instagram, their twitter and the Youtube link and their Spotify will all be right here on my unofficial add the missing piece. Go find George. Go find Hey that over time the missing piece, go find. Okay, let's go find George. Oh my God. So without further ado without further ado man, this has been something that we've been cooking up for a while we've been talking about for a while. The collaboration between speaking truth and see through the hype personally for me mike, it's just made a lot of sense for me to reach out to you and to see what you were doing and what, what you, you know what your foundation is, what you and what you build, what you want to build off of. I just see our, our, our vision is aligned so well. You know what I'm saying. So I just like I really appreciate you first of all for even allowing me to come in your space into uh film episode from my podcast, even though we're trying to do something together, right? We're collaborating, this is ours for sure. Whatever we got you got interview, my team coming, we're gonna set up, we're going to set up the production for him and it's the same way here. He got a big, big, brilliant brain when we talk to each other, we got the same ideas and it's only right that we create a media outlet, so that's what we're trying to do. We're trying to create a DMG spotlight for the whole DMV, especially for black people to so, and he's the one that really came up with, you should just make this bigger. I was Don't even don't tell me a little bit too much credit right now right now, he gave me a little too much credit, man, but definitely, man, we got we got big things coming up for 2022. Um, just moving forward, man for the community for for each other, man and big events. You kept talking about me and and got some big things coming up this whole summer lined up. Yeah, we ain't gonna say too much, they're not going to say to you, I don't know if they're ready for all that, but they're not they're not the topic for today, man. Wait, also real quick shout out to speak the truth from elevating to people are so surprised because they evolved from Snapchat to move the grinding man because you know honestly people like how you said Snapchat, I felt like at first it was, it was just an idea, right? The podcast, just thinking about talking with you guys, talking about things going on in the world. But then you know, I go to school for business, right? And it's like, I might as well try to apply what I'm learning in school. So you know, podcast my own something that's for me, right? Because you know, a long term, right? The goal is to obviously work for yourself or you don't have to work for anybody punching no clocks, You know, all that stuff, all that stuff having to deal with like bad injuries, all that stuff. We could talk for days about what's wrong with the work world and all these things, but definitely appreciate you shutting us out. Um, and, and the growth for this podcast is something that's been been heavy with me, shoutout to Adrian. He's not here with us right now. We're praying for him, right? All good, all good, my man is all good and good spirits, but y'all gonna see him real soon man, He ain't going nowhere. We're gonna all come together, come and bring a different element to what we already done before. So we're all talented. So it's about bringing everything and, and speak the truth for sure. He wants to bring in more of the mental health act. Oh yeah, that's what I'm trying to bring into my podcast too, because I felt like that was a gap that I'm doing, I'm over here talking about things, but I'm not bringing my real self into the platform, which is, you know, everybody wants to be exposed. You know, exposing yourself. It's not something that anybody does it. It's difficult what you hear when you first wanted to start this out, you said the mental health checking for sure. So, I've done a mental health check in with the roommate. Xavier data along with 80 of course a couple of months back. But it's just something that I've got from like watching I am athlete podcast, right? Because those are athletes like myself and my roommates where, you know, we go through things and especially as men, right? We don't necessarily talk about those things. Don't necessarily know how to articulate what we're going through because we have to keep on living through like this, this persona that they're like, I'm a man, I'm a man, I don't complain, I don't cry. I'm not sad, I don't like what? Like I gotta be with my minutes, but at the same time bro, you're human, right? We all go through emotions, right? So I'm glad we're going into this mental health aspect of this, of this conversation, like the mental health check in with everything. You always gotta check in. So going into the topic for today, we're talking about perception being reality, right? Uh, for my, my personal check in before, well before I'm filming this episode, right before, before we even got to this point, you know, I was, I felt like, personally I was at the point where, uh, you know, my move was affected by, you know, just just because of the situation I was in, but a lot of, a lot of what you're experiencing is based on how you view it, right? So, and that's part of the questions we're going to talk about, How do you perceive what you consume? How do you perceive what your environment is? And it's for me, right, I was viewing as my environment like, damn, this is this is this is like all this is happening to me right now? This sucks, You know, like I'm hurting like, you know what I'm doing? I feel like I'm down bad a little bit, you know what I'm saying? It's not the first time that I've been there, but it's just the fact that I'm getting older and certain things have happened and certain things that expected happened for me, it didn't happen in that in that way. And why do you, why do you say you expected? Was it? Do you feel that, you know, dreams goals, whatever it could possibly be, I'm not trying to but is it because of the acceleration is of what you see on social media because of the competition because, well for me personally, I don't compete with anybody but myself right? As far as like just I want to better myself and make sure that I'm good from on my own on my own tip. Um, so from where you say like where does that come from? It's just from from, from what all the work that I've put in for certain things that I've done right? I mean they just talk about this podcast for example, I remember it was a time where, you know, I was on Snapchat, I'm really busting my asked all the time sending the clips just so people could see what, you know what me and Asian have gone on brother, I got to the player who was one of those like stopping it, but I ain't gonna lie, but I was pushing and I had to make sure that people at least understood that like what you see is is going to be in for a while. This is something that's legitimate. This is something that, that I want people to consume because I feel like me personally bring that a different mindset for, especially somebody from my demographic from where we're from. You know, people like us from where we come from all the time. People necessarily see the minds that where we come from people, how how we speak, how we articulate and really how we dream for real, you know what I'm saying because a lot of people have dreams that they don't follow through on because I think it's too unattainable and then are used to the exactly and how they view it right and how they view it. So going into the perception perception being reality right? You know I was saying that I was viewing how everything going on around me like I was feeling in a certain way so that's why I viewed it that way. So I had to challenge myself to you know like just try to change it because you know when you're when you're in a certain situation especially the one I go to school and a small school uh small town pennsylvania probably like 10,000 people in the whole area right? So that's like three high schools out here. You know what I'm saying? I learned the DMV so I had to get used to just being a smaller area in general just not having the accessibility to certain things that I've had before and being here in the D. M. V. Um But you know so you spend a lot of time with yourself. So it's a lot of time that I was thinking about how I'm going to challenge myself to change how I view what's going on in my life. You know what I'm saying Because like I can't I didn't want to be upset every day. I don't want to be like I feel like I'm in a bag every day, like the poetry came for me being, you know? Yeah, yeah. The poetry comes from me like just going through things and figuring out ways to articulate it so that I'm not continuing to dwell on certain things in life, right? So that's why, you know, I say perception, like I can't even say like the last time I was here when you were filming with Julia All right, We're talking Yeah, for sure. For sure. For sure. Did you, little man doing big things Metal, all that stuff. But yeah, man, just just just from when we were here last time talking about how perception is reality, how we view certain things, right? Basically all the aspects and controls all aspects of our life. So, think about it right nowadays, we're all our generation, we're consuming our phones and and media. So the fact that we're trying to start our own platform, we're kind of feeding into this little of course we're in the paradox now, we're feeding into it. But you know what we're doing, we're breaking the paradox. But we're talking about things that are exposing that, you know, the paradox doesn't have the paradoxes, you live this perfect world which is social media, you live in this perfect world of relationships, friendships, this, this and that and and and your mind your ai my mind is trying to chase that perfect relationship, perfect job, perfect reality that people are showing off, right? And that's and we're breaking that, because on social media, no matter where you go? Even interviews, even this, I always try to search for it very few do you? Fine people that expose themselves of the journey actually talk about things of substance and we're talking about the algorithm, we're talking about the social media, so we're breaking it, we gotta break it and we got to make numbers off of this. But people really don't like to here and talk about the themes like this. Especially like perceptions how you perceive your reality. We're talking, we're gonna sit down, we're gonna break down your mind. How do you perceive your reality? How do I perceive my re it would take me questioning things that but what you're asking, like how do you perceive your reality? But what you perceive is your reality, bro? Like, you gotta think right, there's a reason why there's certain people that we that you just don't naturally click with, right? So, you know what I mean? Like, like for example, we aligned because we have we have a podcast of media in common right? If it wasn't for that, I mean, I'm not saying that I wouldn't know you or anything like that. I don't know who you were because of high school and all that stuff, right? But Exactly, yeah. We've been bonus. But other than other than those things like where does that, where would we align you know what I'm saying because um when I say perception is reality right? For example um if you see that if you see that the world is like things are happening to you. I use that for example things are happening to you, you're the victim, you know what I'm saying victim mentality, that's what things happen to you. But then there's also that that group of people where they go make things happen, shout out my man luke shout out my man nick, shout out my man all of them they'd be making things happen. But that is very true. How do you don't even think about that? I was thinking about it such one sided you're right. It's a way bigger instance how do you perceive the world when things happen to you? Are you victim blaming? Are you like oh this is not gonna happen again? I'm gonna take initiative. A lot of people our age I see a lot of people victim blaming right? A lot of people don't, it takes accountability and we lacks accountability because it's easy to make excuses. But how are people supposed to how are you supposed to do that? It would take step one of holding yourself accountable right? But if you don't even have step one because you have so many things to bail you out? Like social media able to go on and have something some person tweet something that comes to your mind like oh my God I knew it wasn't, but when I was in, but I used to go on twitter like I'm not tripping, but like you said that the algorithm they figured figured this out subconsciously I'd be saying my boy next time I'm like no I'm not correct, correct, there's no way I'm wrong. But Loki is like that's just my algorithm stupid. He has something on a polar opposite the subconscious thing. A little with the big accounts tweet right? There might be little things that just connect to your mind. It might be like actually it just all correlates and it just makes so much sense because that is my reality. I'd be going in here screaming stuff, this this and that but the swearing I'm correct. But a lot of Yes, because because because you're only you're only focused on what you have created your narrative, creating your reality within what you perceive. So there's a lot of things that people tell us this all the time. Like there's a lot of things that we don't see out there. So there's a whole bunch of realities that we don't even know about, right? Because we're not a part of that circle, part of that algorithm and we would have to go out and search for it. But how are we supposed to search for something that we don't even know about it, we don't even have full faith. Exactly. Exactly, and that's why when you, when you meet people meet certain people like you, I'm not gonna say even me like, let me talk about relationship and stuff like that, right? I feel like our generation specifically nowadays because we have social media, we have access to all these quick little glimpse of like, you know, relationship goals or people taking pictures. My boyfriend did this and he got me flowers, talked about that. The community, what it took to get that accountability to talk in the conversation. I don't even know what you're doing your nighttime. I post them, Oh my God, one time at this summit, none of my relationships. I'm you know, no one will ever know that it's just like that's crazy. You don't know everything on social media is always gonna be glitz and glamour. You think people will post their arguments unless it's world star. Exactly exactly what I mean. At least nowadays, like, you know, but the social media is tainted. A lot of people like perception. So that's why, you know, a lot of people now, at least I feel like nowadays people always talking about failed talking stages or you know, just just falling out with people because it gets to a point where, you know, you see what you seek for someone who they for who they really are and how they really view things. Um and I feel like that's a challenge. Especially as young adults, right? Because we're trying to figure it out ourselves as far as like how I'm going to live, right, Just how am I going to take care of myself and then from there now now I want to potentially bring other people along with me, have people with me along this journey along with me. But even within that, like you always say, you got to figure out who you got to know who your friends are and your product, that's sad about you being a product of your environment. No, you're a product of how you perceive your environment. What I'm saying, because that's why that's why we got like, especially its dominant, you are a product of how you perceive and so dominant community, right? Where we hear about this stuff in rap music, for example, right? Where all these guys are telling stories about how they had to do certain things to better their situation to get out of those situations. So that all that tells me is that they're aware of what's going on, right? They could have easily been a part of, you know, whatever normal, whatever, whatever the environment has been, they could have fell victim, but they didn't, they trying to trying to grind it out, figure out a way to they they, the way they viewed their environment, the way they perceived it, are they able to make art out of it and be able to articulate it in a way where it's like this is what's going on, but I'm I'm I'm not going to fall victim to it. I'm just gonna make sure that I can I'm gonna do what I can change, I can change that. So there's a lot of them. So that's why I mean you know you're part of your environment. No like everything everything in this world like is based on how it's how you view it is. That's that's just something that I feel like. And I wanted to say something even with regarding that right? And it's like I feel like now a lot of the times is we're living through other people's expectations and not our own right. And I feel like even before technology before social media be able to live and actually talk to people, you create your own values, your own moral is your own disk. Because you go through life, you experience life and the only way you can really experience life is through exp actually interaction interaction with humans, job all that and then you create your own. But social media, all of us, all of our ideologies, morals are all stuck on this one album. All this all one screen and how how are how are people supposed to even break that algorithm right? If they can't even hold themselves accountable if all they see is this and I see that that's the problem I have in our our society that's going on now, it's just like everything is just so divided because no one's able to question right? No one's able to question what they're seeing, right? No one's able to hold themselves accountable. So when they go, when something goes wrong in their actual real world, not not no fantasy, when when actual interactions come with people and something's wrong, and you know, maybe they'll beef with someone, maybe they'll break up in a relationship, maybe this. And of course everything is always two sides. Not, no one's ever it's two sides, and then there's the truth and then there's the truth. Yes, there's two sides, and then there's the truth. But how are people even supposed to come to the truth if you're not able to hold yourself fully accountable both sides. Exactly. That's the problem I always see, and that's the problem. So there's people that there's gonna be certain people want that. Like, how you're saying there's there's gonna be that divide, right? I feel like for for a lot of situations, people just realized that, okay, I'm gonna I'm like, there's a saying that a person gonna tell you who they are, like, you gotta believe them, believe, believe the person when they tell you who exactly who they are, because, you know, I can't change, I can't change who you are because of a because your experiences and how you view things and what you went through in life, but I have a question. So, and there's gonna there's always gonna be, there's always gonna be a reason for why you view things the way you view things. I have a question though you say that I'm supposed to know people, I see this in my generation now. I'm supposed to see people for how they are. What if our generation right? Most people don't know who they are. I have to tell them who they are. I have to figure out. I got to tell them who they are. Most of the time, I got to tell them who they are. I'm not here to know. I mean, so, so that is a big thing because a lot of people don't know who they are. Some people do need that that good checking, but they don't know who they are. Some people don't get checked out here. No, no, no live like you're not wrong about that. So, and then the majority of people are living in this this fake world where they don't even know who they are. They're just living through a whole bunch of expectations, A whole bunch of fixed morals, a whole bunch of fixed realities. I feel what I feel like that is this a box world. We live in a bus. I mean, people don't even know who they are. It's not even, I mean like with social media right? There's always those like it's trends, trends happen with or without social media, but with social media, it's so accessible and it's the fact that it's right here and I remember you telling me that you were on your phone 16 hours a day before. It was eight hours after 16 hours of conspiracy theorist. And I know what you think about that. What do you think about that if we're supposed to see for eight hours Of the day? The other the other 16 you was on your phone like iPhone that doesn't even account for the TV time, right? The radio time. Yeah. The computer time. Does that count for all those? So how many times? How much time throughout the day am I spending on mine? So if most of my time and I can't even imagine a lot of sit here and generalized. There's a lot of girls on their phone majority of the day. So there could be Way Worse, right? 16 I want to say. But if we're walking around this earth perceiving your reality, right? If people don't know who they are, people can hold themselves reality. I mean, people can't they go to the media to seek uh certain types of validation. They seek certain types of everything is already fixated within that cultural. Yeah. So they are they are they are they box? Are we living with box? That's my that's my thing. You keep saying. How do we perceive our reality? People can't even do that because I really believe that we're living with bucks. There's always been that there's always been those people that what they believe everything they see. People that's everybody. There's a lot of people believe everything. They say. There's a lot of gullible and I got one boy right there, boys, bouncy boy. Don't let that boy right there and get his hands on. Don't let that boy right there. He knows what I'm talking about. I'm not gonna name the neighbor. But um, I just can't wait, wait, wait. Oh boy. Because now there's a box in this whole world. They can't even perceive their reality because they can't hold themselves because they don't know what you're right, You're right. Everything is fixated on media on this. So yeah. So, and the fact that I've held this in my head always talk to my cousin about I was talking about sister about taking plenty of people about just, you know, people, people consume what they see on media, right? Um let me talk about, I don't like I don't even like talking about celebrities on here all the time. But let me bring up this one example of why I feel like one reason why we're even talking about this in the first place, right? So we had, we had money baggio's girlfriend, whatever she has to ari right hopping on the podcast and was saying something about how she likes it when he points his gun right up. And but here's the thing though, right? They waited, they wait until he hears the thing, right? We give people these platforms and gaslighting, we uplift them. We we we we celebrate whatever the **** that is they do ari I mean cool. She had the body. I mean she was saying she does what she's physically appealing to. A lot of my friends really went there right? But okay. And look, I don't got nothing. I don't have anything I guess. I don't even know her person. I can't say anything about her. Right? But it's the fact that you use your platform to hop on and say that you you were you are okay with somebody like pointing your man pointing a gun at you. And then but then but then goes on further to say like she doesn't care about the people that have gone through like domestic violence issues and here's my problem. It's my problem, right? Like I just said we spent so much time glorifying and uplifting somebody like her when when when when the time comes for a real problem and people are looking for an answer or something that fits them. But it doesn't because that's who you are. He is right? That's what she that's what she likes. She's she's her own person herself. But we didn't we as a coach, we didn't we didn't get to know her in a personal setting that way. We know we know we know her for her as let's keep it real right. Like everybody gets out of her mind. Not anything else literally like she got her club sellouts that's gotten her this cool, right? That's, that's something. Every time I'm like, I'm like, oh my God, that's a, that's a red flag. Every time she gets the most retweets on twitter. So when, even when you say that, when she commented that that means a lot of people didn't hold her accountable. They were just like, that's a stupid and that was mostly men that said that was a stupid thing. I didn't see a lot of women be like, I saw a little bit of woman on the, I guess it was half and half, but you know, no one follows from her. No, this, everybody still follows her. And even with like the culture now it's like celebrity could do something wrong one time. But we let it slide because we let it leave the back of my mind just continue because, because, because, because, because, because they've already built that, They've already built that connection there box. That's why I like it when you said that because I didn't realize their box, you can, you can until y'all fake as **** out here, it's happening. If my phone is on your hand 24 7, you are a bot and I'm a victim of body, but at least question no doubt. And that's that's the crazy thing, right? I've fallen victim to this normal, like where I'm going to be on my phone, check twitter, check instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok, you know what I'm saying? Then go back to twitter, you know what I'm saying? All that. Um, just from the, just the fact that like, I mean I need to, I need things to see. I just want to see what's going on in the world. I mean I don't consume, Here's the thing though, right. There's a difference between people that consume what they consume for, you know, entertainment just for, you know, it is a pleasure, right? All that kind of stuff. There's people that come on the media to seek, you know that how am I going to form my life? How am I going to for my life? And that is interesting that you say that because I will say I'm sorry for keep bringing him up. He doesn't, I say to people here looking and or they don't really hop on media for entertainment. They hop on for business and for, I guess business purpose, I would even say entertainment and that is, that is true because a lot of people really just hop on social media for business and entertainment purposes. I mean for business purposes, some people hop on for entertainment like the strict, some people hop on for the journal aspect just to release their feelings and feel like people hear them and the other people to formulate their life. That is crazy. And I think the journal also does come into formulating your life. But I think this intersect that's crazy that you say that I didn't even realize I was like, come on social media for different reasons and think, right? I mean, I kind of fell victim to this, right? I posted because because naturally assumes we also want to know how other people perceive us to sometimes, right? I love you. So so recently specific I participated myself. I'm gonna I'm gonna stand on that. Right? Poor people posting on instagram at least the um, what about red flags? Like you posted that? No way. I did your throne dope. Yo you didn't post that? What are my red flags? Come on. Yeah, cancel the the audience is canceled. Shout out. TMP the air is canceled. I should say, listen man, listen, I fell victim. I fell victim. But just for a little context people are posting what are the red flags basically? What are your toxic traits and people were applying to it? But it was so so for someone like myself, right? I mean, I obviously I go on the media for my entertainment purposes and I saw it. I was like, you know what? I genuinely was curious because I I personally don't feel like I have red flags, right? I'm just gonna put myself out there like that in that way. I don't personally like I have red flags, but I wanted, I wanted to see if anybody else would have that perception of what, what, what, what is that? That could possibly a red flag, What could be toxic, right? And that's what and that just that goes to my point where I just said like sometimes we just want to know like how does somebody see it because you're only responsible for how we use and you can only literally see through like your own two eyes what's going on. And I was kind of curious. So you know what I'm saying? He wasn't time the girls like, hey, listen man, something like that. Maybe if that was maybe like five years ago, if that had been a purpose, you know what I'm saying when I was like 16 or whatever, tracking the girl or something out of that? But I generally curious kind of what it was, quote unquote social experiment, right? Just because I didn't want to because I mean only got one response because like I said, I don't have no red flags for them. So I'm not like it's not like people had anything to say about me that was toxic, quote unquote. Red flag, quote unquote. But um but from there, like after I posted I posted like three days ago and I'm still seeing it on the instagram timeline because people are curious because but why the but even with that, right, Why is it that the red flags thing is even trending? Why is it that we're what are my red? Like? It just seems like it's such a boisterous and it's just like, so and then we're re sharing it, right? So we're re sharing it. So other people can see, right? So it's like, oh, like this is you know, it's not my red flag. It seems like it's boisterous, this toxicity around that word we're trying to get out. But it's like I said the new world. So what does it mean? But so that I feel like that's where it's a two way street now, right? Because one we're worried about how people perceive us. But also if somebody tells us how they view us and we don't believe that, then like hold on, you don't know me now you don't know me. But you just asked I just like you just asked who like what is my red flags? And when somebody gives you what they believe your red flag is now it's oh sh it now, you don't know me for that's really how it went. Yeah. It really was like that. But guess what? But guess what? My perception is reality. So that person views you in that sense, that is that is their reality part of you. That's crazy. You know what? That is crazy? Because that's actually insane because people are actually posted that and then people are like, no, that's not me, that's not this. They're doing it for a whole bunch of reasons. But at the end of the day, let's go back to the basic point, that's how they perceive you. They don't matter they don't matter that's how they perceive that. It's crazy. That's what I'm saying. And that's why I can see why you did it now. Exactly. Other people. I don't know, I know why they were doing it, but I didn't really conceptualize why you did it literally just want to see how how do you how do you perceive me? That's generally how people do perceive. Exactly. That's actually the same right there. Exactly right? So I mean, and then from there, like, I mean it's it's this topic goes it goes beyond, it goes beyond like just oh no, it definitely goes beyond. And and since we're hitting the 30 mark, right? We had a great, we had a great joint. I don't wanna I wanna I wanna have a little closing joint. What what are some tips right? There we go. That's what Okay, where are some tips do to help our phone or whatever Are I say phone? Because this is just the new age of the new world. So how can we question our reality through our phones or how can we better perceive our environment or perceive how we, how we take all this knowledge from our phone that's constantly on our phone. 24 7 that reinforces everything that the people around you all have the same thing, like I'm following Darren here most likely believe the same thing. I do very few. Like you don't believe what I believe is how am I supposed to formulate my friends believe what I believe the family does everything else. How am I supposed to perceive something else? How am I supposed to not be toxic if all these girls want toxic. So I am I supposed to do this. Let me start off, let me start off with some advice, right? If you're worried about how someone perceives you first of all, like I'm like genuinely worried like damn, like how does the world seem to retract or retrace right? You have a genuine You have a fundamental problem. Yeah, yeah. That's the fundamental problem is all right. Understand where your surroundings are. Like, understand your environment. Just like are you aware of your current situation? Because if you are aware of your current situation and then obviously you're going to be worried about how people view you or what's going on out here, what's going on over there? Like worry about what's going on with you within yourself first, right? Because about yourself? Because because your perception is your reality, so you have to build your own reality through how you view the world. You're right. If you're angry if you're angry at yourself, you're gonna be angry at the world. Exactly, no, literally takes to myself, I'm dead serious because I was literally like mad as **** bro, like like really in the bag because like what was going on and a lot of black brothers were saying, we're angry at ourselves and angry turns into the world killing each because we see each other, we see ourselves in you so that's why we're so easy to kill you because I hate you because I hate me. That's why we kill each other. It's not even about external whatever. It is a fundamental problem we have of loving ourselves. Yeah. And a big problem. I see a lot of how you're supposed to, how you're supposed to question the environment if you don't know if you don't love yourself, right? If you don't know yourself. Right? That's crazy. Yeah. And then and then even going into the media aspect of it right? I mean obviously I can't tell somebody to put their phone down right? Like your phone is gonna be in your hand regardless, it's become a part of us. Look at that boy nick nick, the lead guitar has got an alienware computer, he got an Alienware computer we're talking about. So he has an alien computer. Before we act he said Mack is stupid. Why don't I get an apple? What are you talking about? Computer? Just grab them back. Dad has an alien computer with an alien Oh man. TMP the band shot him out. But yeah, immediate like one you gotta understand what you're saying. Um And this is a cliche like you can't believe everything you see on the internet. Media is really just the internet bro like all that all that stuff flows through whatever servers, whatever, you know what I'm saying and it's built off of how you perceive things like that's why I remember this phenomenon in like high school bro where they were saying, Big Brother, where are you going to start talking about some shoes and whatever? Whatever we get to talk about, cameras next to add on your phone or it's an add on twitter and on instagram about just just thinking you were just talking about literally just talking about they're listening to you bro. Like the algorithm has mastered, your subconscious algorithm is either they're listening or they mastered because I'd be wondering like I just said this, how did this pop up? There's no way the algorithm has mastered my subconscious that they know I'm going to say that you know the algorithm is catering to how you perceive the world and what and what are you talking like all these things, it happens, it happens for a reason. So they found a way to privatize, they find a way to privatize our perceptions, y'all like they so I mean just be aware, try to be aware of what you got going on. Um really the main device would just be the just try to like I said, no, no, you know, your surroundings know your current situation because from there, that's just the foundation then you can start being able to say, all right, this is what I like, this is what I don't like, this is what I want to build this is the world. This is how I see this issue. This is how I see this thing. And then, and then you can even come to the terms of attacking Exactly. And then once you attack it, me and mike, you find people that align with you. So you don't have to worry about how other people see you found people that align with what you believe in. So now there's no there's no there's no disconnect. There's no divide of where you stand with somebody if you generally care about them, you know what I'm saying? Yeah, from there. I mean, this is this is great. Mike was great. Mike. I appreciate I appreciate your time, I appreciate the setup shoutout to TMP the band one more time luke. Lazarus Nick, nick, I keep saying. Nick, shoutout to my boy Nate. Rookie ah rapper, rapper from moco Yeah, I've seen him you've heard from yeah, all that great episode. Great episode more to come 2022. I got to end it off. Right? I got to do it for my boy Adrian man, I got to end it off, right. He always ends it off with a with a bit of love, little bit of peace. A little bit of hair grease. Okay, I like that, you know what I'm saying, Make sure you subscribe, Make sure you subscribe. See through the hype speaker true podcast and Michael Outlaw. We're at brunch town. We're at january 28th. They're having a show. We're gonna be lit. There might even bring a podcast. We might have a live. Oh, well, everybody had to do that live, join a live shoot. Their january 28th shout out. TMP the band. We got big things coming. This is just the start and shout out. Make sure you tell your mom, your dad, your brother, your uncle, your cousin, his cousin, their cousin, his uncle, their uncle. 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