Juvenile / Fantasy / Horror Ghost Story

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The Haunting of Lavender Raine by Jessica Renwick. Narrated and Edited by Arielle Swan.

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I startle and raise the beam to a young woman's face. Despite her waist length, black hair, everything seems washed out. It's as if she were in a newspaper clipping or an old black and white photo. But the strangest thing about her is how she stares right through me unblinking as if I'm not even here. A shiver crawls up my spine. One vertebra at a time blot. Come here. The cat ignores me and bumps his head against the lady's shin. This breaks her from the trance and she jerks her head toward me. A soft voice. So quiet. I'm not sure if it's in my imagination. Whispers on the wind laughing. How does she know my name was that? Even her, her mouth didn't move. I stand frozen, willing my legs to run but they won't move. It's as if they're rooted to the ground. The young woman reaches her hand toward me. She twitches and flickers in and out of the beam from my flashlight quicker and more erratic with every second I open my mouth to scream, but my voice sticks in my throat. She glides toward me right as I'm about to faint. Her form dissolves leaving behind a cloud of mist. A breeze picks up and the haze clears. The only thing left on the trail is blot who is licking his front paws without a care in the world. I gape at him. My heart hammering so hard. I think I might have a heart attack. He gazes at me and then stretches out his fore paws with a yawn as if nothing completely crazy had just happened. I run over to him, pick him up and hug him tightly. He rubs his head against my chin. Did I see a ghost or a witch? Maybe a zombie? I must be losing my mind. My mom believes in paranormal activity, but I don't, she's obsessed with ghost hunting shows and documentaries on haunted places. I have more sense than that. There must be some reasonable explanation.