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I love speaking and this is a piece for a demo.

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the girl trapped in the woman's body is revealed in a dream. The girl that's trapped in a woman's body is her. The woman isn't ready to deal with the past of herself. She has eliminated any memory of herself from where she was younger, into a compartment in her brain. The little girl brings the side of her that she can no longer feel she felt for others because she was looking for that missing piece. And it was that little girl that's trapped inside of her along the way. She didn't understand how that little girl screen inside of her. It's to the point where is interrupting her train of thoughts. It's like that voice that talks to himself. The little girl is the second version of her that she holds closely the pain that little girl in dirt, she should stay locked away. But why not deal with all the issues that were caused or why not let it go? Why hold onto so many painful memories? Why have it under lock and key while let it mentally break you down. What's the main purpose purpose of not dealing with that little girl? What's the bigger issue at hand? Does that woman grow by holding owner? Does she holding herself back from not dealing with it? The smile on her face is only there because she allows it to be simpler days to be more simple. If she were focused her emotions when her new day comes, it's most likely time for her to deal with her problems. She is clearly holding back a certain amount of emotions that she's scared to deal with. That little girl is her pain of all the years that she's ever dealt with. The little girl's creeping out her more and more the way she interacts with others. That's clearly how she's been taught. The days get longer in the moment she has where she comes to term with herself that the little girl needs to be released. But she has to do this the proper way because her mom said it's going over the top. She doesn't know what could end this little girl feeling inside of her. But she starts by writing a letter to her mother. The way this woman has dealt with her since birth is the reason she has unspoken words for the little girl. The way she feels lonely, non worthy. Her leather states. Dear woman that birthed me, you never truly loved the human like me. You always wanted to change. You never wanted me. You regretted me. You never understood me. I am so much like you that it pains my heart. It's time that I released this little girl within its in my soul because I always want to feel wanted, I want love. But I always had love