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Telephony demo showing a professional, conversational side with Subaru, a calming, reassuring side with St. Rose Hospitals, and an excited, upbeat side with Marshalls.

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Thank you for calling Subaru. What makes a Subaru a Subaru love, how can we help you today? You can say things like sales service, roadside assistance, warranty or more options. Okay, roadside assistance, is that right? Great. You can speak to me like you would a person which roadside service do you need help with towing tire replacement, battery service or unlocking your vehicle? It seems you need a tow, is that right? Okay, I'm connecting you to a dispatcher Now. You've reached ST Rose Hospital, a proud partner of the dignity health system. If this is a medical emergency, please hang up and dial 911. Thank you for holding someone will be with you in just a moment. Name the eighth Most beautiful hospital in the world. Sienna provides unparalleled healthcare services in a beautiful environment featuring a 100 ft bell tower serving as a dramatic focal point, a healing garden surrounded by lush greenery fountains and fragrant flowers, tranquil aquariums and waiting rooms and an atrium filled with natural light and soft, soothing music. We appreciate your patience. Thank you for continuing to hold. Hey, thanks for calling marshals. Someone will be with you in just a moment. Your estimated wait time is three minutes. You love brands that wow! But full retail prices can be scary shop with us today. So your holidays are merry right now. You can enjoy an additional 10% off your first purchase when you open a TJX rewards credit card, Tis the season for so many savings apply online at Marshalls dot com or ask a representative when we return to the line.