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My appearance on the Joe Piscopo show!

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The Great Joe Piscopo saw some of the impressions I do on Twitter, and reached out to me to appear on the radio, do some impressions, and also talk 911 during the Covid19 crisis...Enjoy!!

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Theo. Radio way. So? So I got a great text. Ah, a treat from a kid. A kidder. Kimmel. They take it. Anthony Merrill Smith. He's a 911 A dispatcher. And he did some great impressions and said, Aunty, jump on the radio with me. Anthony Morales. Anthony. Welcome to the radio show. Look at you, man. You're in the big time now, my brother. Oh, what a vice chairman at a board at a Phillies, are you? He doesn't listen, you gotta do first of all before we we get to the impressions that your 911 dispatcher anti God bless him. Del, uh, where are you? Were you in the New York Air in New York area? I am in the in the South Salem, New York. But I work in Stamford, Connecticut. Yeah, and so it's crazy. I don't want to think about what you got to go through my brother. You got to get calls from the fires, firefighters and you and you getting called from from this covert 19 victims as well. Correct. Correct. The job has changed a lot in that the whole building is sanitizer. Your temperature taken twice when you come in? Um, most of the calls that the, uh the accidents and the bars and all that stuff that's all down is quiet, but the domestics air up. And, yeah, there's a lot of people worried about getting sick or they didn't contact with someone. See, they said that domestic violence calls her up. Anthony, you're saying Yes, correct. Because people have stuck at home and now we don't have the all the bar actions late at night with the flights and all that stuff. So when did you first of all, you got to get Give me Give me a little Jimmy Gaddafi. The rest It's sole Tony Soprano. Give me a little Tony Soprano. Anthony Smith really wanted Joey. If the soprano that's one of my saving voices to Dio if you're gonna get you get aggravated people, when you do that one, he got a watch your language to Anthony, right? I know I gotta cut my tongue to the radio. I got I already got admonished by you for that. Did you? Actually, Did I say you do? Christopher Christopher. Christopher, Did you know Michael Infertility? Anyone with me told you didn't lose these owned by a long shot. I've never heard of Michael Imperioli, one of the great Italian American actor that just sort of watching that. That is a great impression, man. That is so course. Of course. The load you gotta do slice the Lodi's everybody zero. Right? Uh, give me a little slow. Unbelievable. You know, among the radio. E do him where I do. You funky lets me believe we have been able to be hit. And then I go, Yo, unbelievable. I know the mood could do magic, you know? God, this is good. You do some of the voices when people call 911 a. I know you had a problem, but can I do? Can I do Stallone for you? I can get away with it, and I'll do it on the police radio. Uh, now and then they let me get away with it if nothing's going to crazy. I did the same time to stay in the broke the whole day. Dispatcher to Charlie, respond to this call. Yeah, you did it as an Irish guy. That's is great. You've used exactly as long as it was in a hot call. I handled it that way. You want to force 25 old street? Yeah, you could do leave niece. And that's impossibly Liam Neeson as well. Give us a little that. If you did that, I did a public service announcement, right? Did millions. And I said, there is a public service announcement. Stay in your home. I want to find you. And, you know, it's hard if he is Morgan Freeman, and you do you do a great Morgan free. But I hate that. You know, I hate when people ask me, Do this. Do that. But give us a little more your Freeman if you wouldn't. Anthony, I do a little Morgan Freeman. I'm Morgan Freeman, and I would like to narrate your next project. It is great, man. I got the Anthony. I gotta tell you, we need the laughs. And when you got me on that twitter there and you said I wanted to go back, so I Frankie, call you and tell you any knees. And now I can't imagine what you hear on the phone when people call up and that you have to be so delicate. You have to be so careful because you're talking with God forbid that the domestic violence, two suicide and everything else, and and a lot of coal vit calls You're getting the people because they don't know if they have it or not writing. If anyone, you get the call. No. And we have to treat anybody that's even close to it with a certain set of questions. Do you have a flu? Have you been in touch with anybody? You know, we throughout the Have you been out of the country question because that's relevant now, but it's interesting. I heard you talking about Texas. Texas is the only state that actually recognizes us as first responders. The rest of the country does not. They say we're clerical workers and and you know, I delivered a baby. I talked to suicidal people. I've talked Teoh controlled, recording a sexual assault. And it's not hard work. No, it's not. You know anything? That's why when Listen, you're on your own. You're a great talent on your own, and we appreciate that. I appreciate that. But I knew when I saw you take the calls. You have to be a psychologist. You have to be a priest and a rabbi. all in one so white. But you are first. Everyone there, my friend. You listen. You come back, we get some more impressions. We'll have some fun because I have a list of Anthony Merrill Smith impressions in front of me. We got, of course, were always under the clock. But we're gonna really were able to get back to your suit. All right. Thanks a lot. Thanks a lot for recalled Tony. Sir. Problem of the four. Thank you. Thought City Meryl's did. Thanks for making his last year. And thanks for your public service and helping out everybody during these tough times. Debbie, you can't make it up. We love it. We love it. Three kids. Good. He's good, right? Fabulous. Absolutely fabulous. I loved it. Way. Love it. Thank you, Anthony. 9 51 Debbie's out there on the roads looking out just for you. And they have 1970. The answer questions. It's you. It's happening, Joe.