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Fashion Emergency hotline help! I'm calling from my closet. I hate everything I own. It's also dated. Nothing fits, and I have over 10,000 followers waiting to see my summer style. Old Navy is everything you need. Summer sale, cute shorts, teas, tanks and flattering swimwear all 50% off. Oh, thank you. Hi, I'm summer. I'm all about Sunshine Beach days and blockbuster movies. Everybody loves me. Oh, Summer, you silly son Fried season I am autumn and I'm right around the corner. I bring the joy of crisp weather football and the sporting new 1 14 turbocharge Volkswagen Jetta. But I have barbecues and summer concerts. You also have humidity and mosquitoes. I bring pumpkin flavored lattes and the funded Dr Jetta, which comes loaded with a five inch touchscreen sound system, USB port and awesome app. Connect technology, which lets you use your APS from your phone right on your dash through apple carplay and android Auto. People will miss me and wearing cargo shorts. Nobody will miss cargo shorts looking for a ticket to this year's whatever U. S. A. Look no further than your bud light because if you show us how you live the message on your bottle in a 15 2nd video with hashtag up for whatever and hashtag audition you could go.