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Creative content marketing for major movie / television studios.

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Welcome to Mega city. Where Every day is an adventure? Oh hi Doug. Everyone wave. Hi to doug. Hello! Sorry Doug I forgot as a robot. You're not as familiar with life in mega city. I think we can help you. Great idea of everybody. Should we help Doug Disney's Mulan now on digital, on Blue Ray Tuesday rated PU 13. This film contains scenes that may be inappropriate for young of yours. What are you feeling right now? Happy. That's joy. Mad. What? That's anger scared. That's fear grossed out. That's disgust. And we all know what sadness is. These are your emotions and their world is full of fun and adventure and that world is all in your head and Monaco princess dare to dream when you dream anything is possible and when you truly believe dreams really can come true. Let's help judy spot her friend nick, Are you ready? Mm He's around here somewhere and I'm not lying. All of these Kaka More faces may look the same, but one of them is a little different. Can you spot which one there she is under shell number one. This is spot. He's funny, brave and a little wild and this it's our low. Their friendship is full of surprises, especially when they head out into a huge adventure when a dinosaur and a boy hit the road. Anything is possible. Disney Pixar's the good dinosaur slides in the theaters. This thanksgiving in three D Prepace to race in 321 one one. Why what driver mystery? Say keep exploring to discover even more adventures in the world around you see you next time. Mhm.