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ah Mr joseph Goldstein, how are you? Shipley? I'm very sickly. I'm very Shipley. I have some bad news for you. Mr joseph Epstein but I've also got some good news for you. But then mr joseph Goldstein I've got more bad news for you. Still lay it on me doc. Okay well the bad news is that you have bronchitis? The illness, bronchitis, bronchitis, the illness bronchitis. Sorry I wasn't listening. The illness. Sorry I just have can you grab me closer please? Yes. Okay you said I have what bronchitis? You know what it is? The good news is that there is only one type of bronchitis that is incurable. That is good news but that's the type you have. That's the second bad news. I'm very sickly doc. Is there anything anything that you could do for me? There are things I can do but none of them will help you very much. I wish there was something I could do. But there's not but there are still things I need to do. Well do them quickly. How long do I have to live? I'd say 14 minutes doc. What if I told you there was something one thing that you could do to help me. What is it you said there was something you wish you could do? What is it? Listen closely I've only got time to say this once in my truck. There are £3 of crack cocaine. You must deliver it to a crackhead jimmy on tonight at midnight. You know you said you wish there was something oh that you could do. I'm sickly doctor I can't do it. I get I get that but I'm not going to sell £3 of crack. I'm just I'm not going to do it. You don't understand you don't understand cracker jimmy. Isn't your average crackhead? What is he then? I will tell you immediately because oh it is that uh mr joseph Goldstein? It is very important. Remember? Sickly shall pay attention. Mr joseph Goldstein. Ah I have expired. Hello? Hello? Who is this crackhead jim, coming, coming crack.