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Santa Matic, where you will find automated cleaning confidence. The Santa Kept Peace Siri's Cabinet washer is available in three models. The P 335 p 365 in P 565 The Santa Captain accompanied parts Rack system can clean many of the process parts in your process, including scale buckets, hoses, totes and more. To ensure complete spray coverage, The Santa Cab has six hydraulically driven spray arms positioned on the top sides and bottom of the washers cabinet. Santa Matic Custom designs racks to safely carry process. Contact parts from the equipment to the Santa. Cab Operators released the rack and easily guide it off the card and into the washer, where it latches in place for operator safety before the card is unlocked for removal, The automated door lock offers another level of protection for operators and the Alan Bradley touchscreen. H M I clearly walks users through each wash. Stop strategically positioned spray nozzles. Ensure impactful action and complete spray coverage and chemistries controlled and monitored throughout the chemical wash phase with a conductivity analyzer from start to wash complete, the system is easy to use. Wash cycle documentation is available with Santa Matic Sana Trend Data Acquisition and Management System, which allows quality assurance managers to collect, store and review cleaning wash cycle data for meaningful analysis following a wash cycle. Removing the rack from the washer is as smooth and safe a process as placing it in the washer for cleaning. Safety latches and cart ledge releases Make transport secure. Some process parts, such as hoses required directed sprays The spring loaded active couple er maids with the Racks Connection Port for high impact cleaning. The Santa kept configure design offering include several features and options, including zone valves, flow meters, electric heaters, pressure transmitters, Why strainers, stainless steel pumps and motors and more. The Santa Cab allows for dual straining of both large and fine particles. The Y strainer captures fine particles and has pressure gauges before and after the strainer toe. Identify pressure drops. The trace trainer captures larger soils and is easy to remove from the side of the washer. The systems, 18 gallons center. Some results in significant water savings throat a wash cycle. A water level sensor is placed in the centre sump to ensure water is available to operate. The Santa Kem maintains a sanitary, open channel frame design. The system maintains a preventative maintenance log to track time and cycle counts for wearable parts. We are Santa Matic.